Mailbox Benjamins is a simple 2-Level high commission postcard program that pays you $100 per direct sale and $100 sponsor overrides, so this gives you 2 permanent pay positions to make $100 payments over and over again, not only from your efforts, but from the efforts of all your sponsored members forever!

When you join Mailbox Benjamins and lets say you get Chris to join your team, you will earn a 1st Level commission of $100, but that's not the best part, now when Chris gets Mary to join his team, you will earn an override 2nd Level commission of $100, so the more people you get to join your team, you will then benefit and earn override commissions from the efforts of all your team members, this is where the money is, your income potential with Mailbox Benjamins is unlimited!

When you join Mailbox Benjamins you will receive by mail a marketing kit, resources guide, step-by-step instructions, 200 postcards, 200 leads and  your personal ID# to help you get started right away!
(The Mailbox Benjamins Marketing Kit)

With any legit and legal program commissions must always be paid on the sale of a physical product or goods, so because Mailbox Benjamins provides a Marketing Kit, Resources Guide, 200 Postcards and 200 Leads this makes the Mailbox Benjamins program legit and 100% LEGAL as opposed to other programs that provide no product or value and are just illegal gifting programs or pyramid scheme.

Are you sick and tired of getting cheated you out of your hard earned commissions?

Well no need to worry about that anymore, because the Admin and his company Marketing Advantage creates all the Mailbox Benjamins Postcards, Marketing Materials and forwards all your WEEKLY CASH PAYMENTS DIRECTLY TO YOU and they monitor the entire program, so there’s no way to cheat the system.
As a special bonus you will get 25 Free Stamps, 25 Free Postcards and 25 Free Leads on every new direct member you get to join Mailbox Benjamins using your ID#


This is not the same old typical money making systemit's actually way better because there are no monthly fees, it can be promoted both online and offline, you get $100 on every signup and you earn a $100 override commission from all your direct sponsored members sales and the best part is it's only a one-time payment of $300 to join!

The Mailbox Benjamins program has a High UNLIMITED Income Potential on the front end Level 1 of $100 and a built in Override Commissions of $100 on the back end Level 2 with No Extra Work on your part!

Every month the admin will recognize and award the member who has earned the most sales with a personalized "Top Sales Earner" trophy!
(see actual trophy award below)


All you have to do is mail out your postcards using the leads provided to you, that's it! The Admin of Mailbox Benjamins keeps track of all your sign-ups and will send out all your commissions and bonus materials earned each and ever week!

Join Mailbox Benjamins for only $300 by CashApp, Money Order or Cash payment to cover your membership fee and to get your marketing kit and your personal ID# mailed to you, so you can get started making money right away!
Join now by CashApp using your cell phone to cover your membership fee and to get your marketing kit and ID# mailed out to you within 1-2 days.
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NOTE: After paying by CashApp, please email your full name, 
mailing address and the ID# from the postcard or flyer you have to:
Join by mail by clicking on the button below and print out the order form and fill it out and enclose your $300 money order or cash payment to cover your membership fee and to get your marketing kit and ID# mailed out to you normally within 5-8 days.

Questions or Need Help?
Contact Admin at:
Martin Buckley
(585) 820-4463